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  • Providing solutions for succession issues
  • Investing in viable companies with growth potential
  • Capital growth
  • Prominent entrepreneurs work on the basis of their combined strength
  • QAT investing and doing business since 2002

Entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Investment company focused on successful family businesses


Prominent business persons

The Partners at QAT are experienced entrepreneurs and directors who all together account for the creation and development of over 50 companies. The QAT Group is based on these firm foundations.

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Seeking a successor?

QAT facilitates interaction between business operators keen to cease their activities and those eager to start them. The key component in this respect is the interface between both sides in the bid to inject fresh dynamism into the business. An MBI is admirably suited for this purpose.

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Shareholder value

QAT invests in successful companies with a potential for growth, while providing senior managers able to achieve this expansion. A maximum return for its investors is the key concern.

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In the light of the huge importance the QAT Group attaches to its social commitment the entity chooses projects that actively contribute to everyone's well-being and to a sustainable society.  

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